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Shoulder Injuries / Kinesio Taping Remedy

Bellevue Chiropractor Kinesio TapingHere at my clinic in Bellevue Washington we are big fans of Kinesio Taping. I was turned onto Kinesio Taping a few years ago by another Chiropractor friend practicing in Seattle.

One of the treatments we offer in regards to shoulder pain is called strapping or Kinesio Taping. 
Issues where there exists chronic shoulder pain or when there is uncomfortable popping and cracking occurring in the shoulder area can be dramatically helped with Kinesio Taping (also known as strapping). 
When we put the Kinesio Tape on the shoulder (or any other part of the body for that matter) it lifts the skin up and allows the fluids to flow through the subcutaneous space allowing the joints to heal. The taping also acts in a way to bring up nervous system awareness of these joints so they can move freer and smoother.  Skin and muscle temperature in that area being taped very often elevates due to increased blood circulation as well.

Every time the joint moves while the tape is on it causes healing action in the affected area. This is a reason I love Kinesio Taping so much – it helps the body heal despite motion being put into the area. Most injuries require a reduction in motion for healing to take place however; Kinesio Taping works well when motion is happening. 

With shoulder injuries we quite often tape the scapular muscles and joints. We also tape the trap muscles (upper trap muscles especially). I’ll also come down the arm and tape the deltoid muscles and outer deltoids in order to support the broad range of muscles involved in the shoulder movement.

Here’s a video on our Youtube channel showing exactly how I used Kinesio Tape on a Shoulder injury. 

If you are in need of shoulder treatment and live in the Bellevue, Seattle area please give us a call. We’d love to help.

Dr. Edward Owens
(425) 802-5432

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